Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1 year in remission!

Another busy month. Our church has recently built a new sanctuary so we moved in two days ago. They also built us a new library which we moved in over the weekend.

This past weekend Nicole was also in "Once Upon a Mattress". I have a whole album on Facebook but I will share a couple of shots.
She played a lady in waiting. It was really good!

Lexi and Tyler start soccer next week. Then our weekends will be tied up for a few months. Well, at least they are active in a sport. :) We told them they should do that to stay in shape.

A year ago I ended chemo and have been in remission. I was teasing Norm that he needs to come through on his promise for dancing lessons. I've been on the committee at church for cancer support. We are still exploring where we are going with that.