Sunday, April 28, 2013

How a Mom does (not)get some sleep......

     We come home from a small group gathering.  My sinuses have been bothering me a lot lately so I head up the stairway for a dark, quiet corner of the house.  It ain't long before the chocolate lab comes bouncing into the room.....and onto the bed...... flopping himself upon me to garnish some attention.....then the hubby comes dancing into the room, sees the dog, and says, "Who invited you?"  I thought to myself, "The same person who invited you." Shortly the husband leaves and 14 year old son comes into the room with dog.  He sees the compress on my eyes and runs to get himself and the dog a compress so they can lie on the bed and make fun of me.  They both disappear down the steps and are followed by the 10 year old daughter who proceeds to ply me with 101 questions....... finally left alone, I remove the, now cold, compress on my eyes and fall asleep. An hour or so later I hear the dog come bouncing back despite being scolded by the 10 year old daughter. He decides enough is enough. Mom must be awake. 
     Next week we bring my oldest home from college.  We(hubby, 10 year old & I) went yesterday to a concert and brought home some of her things and spent a little time with her. 






SPRING!From my garden...