Monday, August 30, 2010

School and birthdays.....oh my!

Today Lexi, my youngest, turned 8. 

It was also the first day of school........

I also went back to work.  Unfortunately the dishwasher broke about halfway through the day so tomorrow am we have to go in to work early to wash dishes..... if it got fixed......

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to school!

Next Monday our school starts again which means I go back to work.  It's been a short summer and I didn't get everything accomplished that I would have liked to but I got a lot of it done.  Monday is also Lexi's 8th birthday.  

This morning I had a Ovarian Cancer Awareness Table at a church clothing giveaway.  I was a little disappointed more women did not stop but I can understand why.  It's something they think they will never have to think about because it won't happen to them.  Two years ago I would have thought the same thing.  So, how do we get women interested.? I was hoping to put the symptoms in large letters all over a board would catch their attention but it didn't.  How do we spread the word to a public who thinks it won't happen to them?  I had thought about shoving symptom cards in woman's hands but I don't like to be pushy.  If anyone has any ideas, let me know! 

Sunday, August 15, 2010


For a period we had long days of no rain but this past week we've been having a lot more rain.....almost every day.  It's good because we really needed it.  Local crops were beginning to look really bad.  

Yesterday I was getting a baking pan of barbecued chicken out.  I made the mistake of using a loosely crocheted potholder and it burned through to my hand causing me to jerk the pan back causing sauce to splatter on my forearm and hand.  The whole length of my forearm (approx 6 inches long and six inches wide) has a 1st and second degree burn on it and 1st degree on my fingers.  I had some burn cream my doctor gave me last year when I burned myself on the mower, so, with the help of Norm, I was able to treat myself.  If the burn had looked worse, I'd have probably headed for the ER but I figured this I could take care of because I had the stuff to do it anyway and it wasn't as excruciatingly painful as last year. 

I've been struggling emotionally and spiritually lately.  Call it after-effects of post traumatic stress from the cancer.  It is a syndrome that others who have gone through cancer have also experienced.  I know because a dear friend has shared the same thing.  It's like for so many months you are overwhelmed with friendship and it just suddenly stops.  I don't want gifts but it's like, "Where is everybody?"  I don't want to upset anyone by that.  I know it's actually something not even related by like a phenomenon of long-term illnesses.  I guess i am just trying to sort out feelings because that is how I do that.  I write them.  Another thing is that for so many months you are depending on God to get you through and now that it's over I just keep asking myself, "Now what should I do?"  I guess I've been feeling a little lost with that.  I don't know if it's the different perspective but sometimes I just feel like I am treading water.  I've been reading through Isaiah lately but sometimes I just don't feel Him speaking.  And then I wonder what i am doing wrong or what i can do different.  Then this morning our associate pastor had a lady get up to speak and it was almost like it was answer to prayer as she spoke about the burdens we carry.  I was just so touched by what she said.  I just needed to hear what she had to say today.  

I am including below some photos

Norm and I
Tyler, almost 12, and Coby, 5
Lexi, almost 8

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's almost time!

September is Ovarian cancer awareness month. Let's promote what is known as the silent killer so that others can learn the symptoms and have a better chance at surviving! Go to the link for more information....and then go out and buy your teal polish!

Monday, August 2, 2010

As August begins.......

Summer is speeding along and it won't be too long until the kids are back in school and I am back to work. I feel like there hasn't been enough time to get things done. I guess it does not help that school finished later and I was unable to do anything for three weeks due to my back. I am thankful that is mostly healed.

Nicole started band camp this morning. She will be doing that all this week and next week. It will next next Friday with a picnic and Parent Preview Show.

This will also be the month for appointments as I have scheduled a lot of doctor and dental appointments for the kids and I before school starts again. I am also looking forward to a Ladies tea as well as a business meeting.