Manning the Keyboard

Denise is married to Norm for 22 years and they have three children, Nicole, Tyler and Lexi, ages 19, 14 and 10, and a lovable lab named Coby, age 7, a mischievous cat named Tyson, age 9 months, and a bunny named Lucy, age 11 months. They live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Denise loves reading and writing! Her dream is to become a columnist for a magazine. She has written material for Christian Ed Publishers as well as newsletters for various church ministries.  She is head librarian at their church as well as a media technician. Denise works in Food Service at an area high school cafeteria.

Denise was diagnosed with Stage IIIa ovarian cancer in the fall of 2008. Denise's tumor was found in October in which they were sure it was benign. She had a total hysterectomy the end of October in which it was discovered she had a rare form of Ovarian cancer.(a Germ Cell tumor) Over the winter of 2009 she underwent three intense inpatient treatments of chemotherapy. Her family, friends and church family was a great support through all of this.

Denise would like to raise awareness if this disease known as the silent killer because it's symptoms are so vague and resemble other minor diseases. In fact Denise's own complaints were ignored for over a year because the symptoms did not seem to be related. Join Norm and Denise in their journey.