Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our Zoo......

Coby is our eight year old chocolate lab.  He is a sweet lovable chocolate lab who is also very protective of the house.  He is often known to charge the door when the mailman brings the mail.  He feels it's his duty to keep the cat in line.  He gets very jealous if I have one of the other pets or my youngest daughter on my lap.  I told him he is too big to be a lap dog but that is where he wants to be!
We had gotten the cat for Lexi from a Pet rescue Organization.  His name is Tyson and he is a year old..  He is bad to the bone and has collaborated with the dog to get us up every morning to feed them.  It's hilarious how they work as a team. They tag team getting us up but the funniest thing was a story relayed to us how one night they went around side by side checking on all of us in bed.   Sometimes it seems like Tyson answers our questions with a MeNOOOOO or Meyeah!

Lucy, also a year old, was given to Lexi from a dear friend after she lost her last rabbit.  Lucy is extremely territorial of her cage and will not hesitate to charge at any hand she thinks will do something to her cage.

And finally Henry, the gerbil with attitude.  He got mad when Tyler went away for a week and kept making huge messes of shavings all over the floor ..... until I put packing tape around it.  Boy did that make him even more mad!  He was about a year old when we got him.  The dog and cat find great amusement watching him  especially the cat!  Below are some more photos of the pets and our kids.



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