Tuesday, July 29, 2008

End of July........ALREADY?!!!


My kids found this baby bird they "rescued" and thought I should do something about..... I made them put it back in the yard.....and momma bird was soon back looking for it.


At a local fair on Sunday 






















 We stopped at inlaws on the way home.



 Finally heading home.

 We had to get rid of our cat.  She had been struggling with being litter trained and I put up with the smell so long because it's Nicole cat but finally decided she needed to go outside.... well, my neighbor threatened to trap and dispose of the cat so we took it to a friend's house to keep it out of his hands.  

Norm has been having some medical issues lately..... the man who doesn't do doctors and dntists finally had to cease his boycott when he got a couple of infected teeth.  The dentist sent him to the oral surgeon who sent him to the family doctor to get something done about his blood pressure which was WAY too high before they would remove his teeth..... Norm couldn't believe how quickly the b/p med worked.  Hoping it continues to work.  Next week he gets his teeth removed at the oral surgeon.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Over halfway through July already!

A recent family photo



A loacl day care recently visited dh's firehouse.  Here is dh with the lass in front of the engine. 



 Dh showing off his gear for the class.  He wanted to send pics for his fire company website but told me I didn't need to send them that one.  I told him, "Oh, I didn't take that for THEM anyway!"




 Nicole and I had gotten this funny idea for an advertisement but unfortunately this was the only picture we could get because Lexi and Tyler were laughing so hard.





Tyler was sad to discover that his stuffed chocolate lab, also named Coby, was accidently left at camp after discovering a hole in the one bag.  A friend from church brought him back this weekend.   Photobucket


And in more news..... I got the job I had interviewed for so now I will become an elite member of the working class..... or is that a member of an elite working class?    It wasn't the position I hoped for, but I got my foot in the door and it looks hopefull for further employment.  I am now a substitute for food service at our local school district.  I heard last year that the subs actually had work coming out of their ears so it would be nice to have 2-3 days a week at least to try and get ahead in finances.  I had wanted a job with the district to coincide with my kids' days off.

It's really weird because I got two letters from the district this week......each inspiring their own mix of emotions.  The first was for Lexi for kindergarten orientation.  That made me sad that my baby was going to school....my last one.   The other was for Nicole for freshman orientation to high school..... that just made me feel old!

Anyway, this year will be a very different one, to say the least.  I guess I better just buckle up and enjoy the ride!