Saturday, October 4, 2008

Update on Nicole..... as requested..... :D

I just thought I would update you about how Nicole's appointment with her cardiologist went on Tuesday. Basically she has is Vasovagal syncope.
When she exercises the doctor wants her to walk to cool down and not go directly to a stop and stand position. She must drink plenty of water....hydration is very important. She also must increase salt intake especially for breakfast since she has phys ed first block. There is no cure but if she continues to have problems they will give her more tests and possibly start her on medication to control it. The dr says it is better if she actually faints all the way because then the body corrects itself better rather than the partial blacking out she's been getting. When the dr did tests, Nicole's blood pressure was not responding like it should have which would cause the blacking out, headaches and lightheadedness. We are to return in a few weeks for an update. Please read the website above if you wish to know more but it is not life threatening....just annoying. I know because I have it as well.

Tonight Nicole is at another band competition. She probably won't be home until after midnight.

Our town's fair starts on Monday. Tomorrow we will be taking in Tyler's Legos and models and Lexi's picture she colored. I will probably try and take pics during the week. Norm and I go with Lexi's class on Wednesday.

Was in talking to my supervisor on Friday. They are going to hire me as permanant part-time. It will become official when the board votes on it the end of the month. I will prepare salads when I get there, work the line first lunch and then basically be in the dishroom the rest of the time. The good news is I should be getting a steady four hours since they work later in there. The supervisor told me she liked it that they threw everything at me and I took it all in stride. Then she sent me out to get to work where I was thrown a huge curve ball...... we were told to vacate the building immediately for a bomb threat! Oh lovely! I know it was a copy cat because another district in the county had one earlier this week and they were dumb enough to put it on the news. And supid me had left my coat at home because the day before I wore and and left my keys in it, forgot I wore the coat in and could not find my keys for awhile. So I left it at home....on the cold day we get a bomb threat. Someone loaned me a sweatshirt and we all grabbed blankets from our cars. It was bad enough everything was already late because the kids had a special class that day and everything got pushed back. Lunch was really late because of the threat. Then the kids had the nerve to complain because we pulled out the paper trays and plasticware. I felt bad having to leave at 2:00 because they were still serving last lunch and so I knew they had at least an hour of work to go yet. I knew Lexi would panic if I wasn't there because she did on Thursday when I was late not being able to find my keys. So that was my excitement for the week. This week our school has a half day on Wednesday which means we don't work and no school on Thursday and Friday due to the fair and business expo.


marikay said...

Hmm, that was a good learning for me Denise! Thanks for posting that website, it was very good for me to understand. I kind of knew just by the name. Vago-to constrict; Vagal - vagus nerve; and Syncope - fainting (which I just learned last week its pronounced Syncopeee. I was pronouncing it as "scope" like the mouthwash. hahaha! Anyway, I didn't know you have it too. Gosh, everything you said "dr says its better if she actually faints..." reminds me of stuff I learn in class. I'm happy to hear its not anything more serious. She just needs to take it easy when doing her gym class and any other strenuous activity. Does she drink a lot of water already? I ask because my kids, I have to force them to drink water. Me on the other hand, I drink a lot of water and I need ice with it. The salt, I guess its because salt helps maintain our body fluids because it has a water retaining effect. In fact theres a condition called "hypO-natremia" (low salt) that if a person has it, will cause headaches, tachycardia (fast heart rate), and hypo-tension (low blood pressure). So I can see that with Vaso-Vagal - constricting of our vagus nerve (which is one of our cranial nerves to our brains), that Nicoles arteries would constrict, blood pressure would get low, not enough air to the brain, it causes headaches, lightheadedness, and fainting. Anyway, yes, she need her body to slow down and cool off slowly so her body can get back to hemostasis. Anyway, thanks for sharing that with me Denise. This was something new I learned and makes me think about the pathophysiology. Anyway, I can see that Nicole is feeling good anyway because she went to band competition! Kids bounce back really quickly thank goodness! I can't believe that competition is till after midnight. Wow, thats late!

MariKay said...

Wow, you mean that your school closes down Thurs & Fri the entire day for a fair and business expo? You must live in a teeny tiny town! My kids would love it if they closed for situations like that. haha! But you know those bomb scares really worry me. Some kids nowadays are really influenced by things they see on tv or what they hear. Plus if they dont have a nurturing family life at home, then they are apt to plant a real bomb. Its scary! But yes, I totally can relate to your coat/key thing. I do that kind of stuff all the time and with my luck, its the day I needed to bring it. Congratulations on getting hired permanent!! Working for the school is a nice job here in California as well. I can tell you are a hard worker and can get things done and they saw that immediately! Plus dont you love working at the school because you can see how kids/adolescents interact and then you can kind of learn what your kids hear everyday and you can relate to them better. thats one of the reasons I really enjoyed being room mom because I got to see what my kids saw daily and it gave me a better connection to them. I dont know if that made sense...but well...I can't explain it. hahaha! Okay...I better get ready to go to mass.....I woke up early to do school work and now we are going to mass...Aly has a car wash from 9am-12pm for her camping trip; then both girls have a volleyball game at 2pm (which we spend the whole day at the school yesterday too because they had 3 volleyball games). Okay..have a great day!!