Monday, May 4, 2009

Remembering Wendy

I have known Wendy for several years. She was from Australia and I met her on Christian Women's boards. Before I was diagnosed she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Unfortunately hers could not be contained and she passed on early yesterday morning surrounded by friends and family.

Between returning to work and sports, it's been pretty busy. Tyler played two soccer games on Saturday for two different teams. He plays regularly on one and subs for the other. In fact the two teams work together to sub for each other. Unfortunately Tyler's flag football game and Lexi's soccer game on Sunday got rained out.

On Friday a dump truck backed into a pole near our house putting the entire town out of electric. We were scrambling to feed the kids at school. We could not run the dishwasher until the power finally returned and the boiler was adjusted. I never walked out of the school until after 4:00. Unfortunately I think the power surge from the electric coming back on caused an electrical short in our oven so we have somebody coming out tomorrow to look at that. Of course it is two months past warranty. (rolling eyes)

Gonna include some photos. Enjoy!


Tyler playing football

My flowers in front of the house

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