Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Year marking Dates

I recently had my second mamogram.....the first was when they suspected something was wrong a year ago. This one, to my relief, was negative. Also, about a year ago I was going in for my hysterectomy when they discovered that the tumor was malignant after all instead of benign like they first thought. It's so hard to believe. My hair is coming back thick but not quite as curly. It's not quite as long as I'd like. I'm hoping when it grows longer I can get it cut nicely.

I recently won a month at Curves so I've been taking advantage of that going as much as I can. I do enjoy it a lot.

The flu has hit our house. Nicole has been sick since Sunday evening. We are hoping she can return to school tomorrow. Lexi, who sleeps with her, has been in a bad mood tonight so I'm just waiting for her to be next. Norm also called from work this evening complaining of a bad headache. I had the flu shot at work so I'm hoping that I either miss it or at least have an easier time.

I know I haven't written for awhile. It's been busy with all of the kids stuff and lots of time I would come with the intention of blogging but just couldn't get in the mood.

I am hoping things slow down by Thanksgiving. I've been feeling stressed having to take the kids here, there and everywhere all the time. Our Ladies at church recently attended a conference called Spaghetti For The Soul by Kathy Triccoli. It was just a really nice time to refresh oneself. I know I came away less stressed. It was nice to be able to spend time with other women and just laugh at life. The singing was great too! :)


WhiteStone said...

My hair seems to be slow...although now that I think about it, I was figuring I'd have a decent hairdo by Thanksgiving. So I guess I shouldn't complain until then. lol

BTW, congrats on the negative mammogram. That is good news indeed!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the mammogram looked good.

You mentioned being stressed getting the kids here and there all the time. I am going through that too. And then I feel guilty about it because I thought once I had cancer I'd get better about not "sweating the small stuff" but sometimes I still do.

I hope the nasty flu is on it way out and that your coming days are calm and blissful. Blessings,

Kerry Osborne

Shopping Kharma said...

I just found your blog and hope you are now cured of this monster or that you stay in remission for many, many more years.

I too try not to stress the small things and now I just don't. The big picture is what it's all about. I wish you all the best and hope your hair coming in much more nicely. Mine was very curly when it came back, then all strait; got to donate it to Locks of Love, then kind of sort of lost more hair (lots of thinning)from more treatments. I'm still fighting this battle as hard as possible even though the doctors are not so optimistic; I sure am!

Moonifa said...

Girl! I hadn't visited in a while and was shocked to hear of the cancer ordeal. You seriously need to learn about the fraud of cancer treatments and that getting mammograms actually increase your chances of getting cancer. For all those who defend chemo and radiation I can only tell them that God's providence is bigger than man made toxicity.
You didn't say whether your flu shot was the seasonal flu or swine flu shot. Again you seriously need to learn about the fraud of vaccines and the harm they do. You can spread the flu by getting a flu shot. I am more afraid of those who get the vaccines than those who actually get flu. And if you really want to learn about some inexpensive, God created products that can keep you illness free just holler at me.
You and your precious family are in my prayers. GBU!

P.S. I am also at Bravenet which is where we "met" lol