Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Skipping into summer

It's hard to believe another school year is about to close and summer vacation is upon us. We just came home from the mountains. Below is a slide show of our weekend.

I also gave Lexi a hair cut.

It's hard to believe I was recovering from cancer last year. In a way it seems like a bad dream. My oncologist did a tumor marker test. I wasn't sure why he ordered it because it didn't pick it up in the first place but I ended up having to take it twice because the lab messed it up the first time.

This summer promises to be very busy. Nicole is going to Creation for a couple of days, going on a mission trip with the youth and volunteering for two weeks at a church camp. Lexi and Tyler will also be going to camp and Lexi has summer school. Nicole also has two weeks of band camp in August and there are VBS's as well. Through it all I hope to get the house cleaned. I'm already tired out!

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