Saturday, June 19, 2010


We are up and running. I'm not being really good at listening to my oncologist when he told me to relax this summer. I have my hands in several different areas. I started housecleaning. I did my girls room on Thursday. I am hoping to get two rooms knocked out this week. Or at least Ty's room and the hallway although the hall shouldn't take a lot of time.

I also am trying to work on the library stuff. I had load of books in my basement that were either bought or donated. It took a couple of days to get through 4 bags. This includes placing a pocket and card in each book, labeling the spine and putting the info in the computer. I still have about 4 more boxes in the least. After that I wish to tackle the actual library.

Meanwhile the kids have places to go and people to see. Lexi will be going to my inlaw's Bible School this week. On Sunday Ty goes to camp and on Wednesday morning Nicole heads to Creation. After July 4 Lexi heads to summer school and summer camp and then Nicole goes to Kentucky.....comes home after a week and heads to camp as a counselor in training for 2 weeks. Then she has band camp for two weeks..... and in between that we have doctor's and dental appointments.

Maybe I should ask my oncologist to define "relax". LOL


WhiteStone said...

I define "relax" as "enjoy". Every morning is a gift from God. Glad you are doing well!

Tina said...

Good to hear you have so much energy--can't wait to get back to all that again! Enjoy every minute!
Their should be an "edit pages" button at the top of your new post page. I think that is where I added "tabs" from.
The forum I've been on mostly is at There is also a site "blog for a cure" and the American Cancer Society has discussion boards too. There is something for all types of cancers!
Take care!