Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer moving along....whether I like it or not

In a little over a week school starts.  I have gotten a lot done even though it wasn't as much as I would have liked.  Because I could not start my cleaning in June due to work on the house, I had to cram it all in August.  Moving furniture, window and wall washing, cobwebs off of ceiling...... 5 rooms done in 2 weeks and my body protested violently.  Constantly aching all over and then the severe neuropathy started.  Took a couple of days off and that went away but I still have the kitchen to do.  Hopefully that won't be as much heavy lifting.  
Band season started with 2 weeks of band camp.  We just completed our first fundraiser and start another in 2 weeks.  Plus we will have one from all of the schools and girl scouts and who knows what else.  I am already dreading it!
On Wednesday we had a day long in-service.  The new boss is bringing some interesting ideas to the table but he also made some upset by changing uniform regulations.  I hope the year goes well but I do miss my old boss.  We have a work day next Monday.  
Tyler gets his braces put back on Monday.  He has an underbite causing his teeth to chip.

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