Friday, February 26, 2010

Bald is beautiful

On the website I created I have a photo album entitled bald Is beautiful. If you would like to include a photo of yourself, please reply here with the pic or give me a link to your photo.

We have another "snow day" today although the worst part is actually the wind and not the snow.

I was saddened to find out a friend has had bad results in her mammogram and needs to see if it is cancer. I am praying that it is benign.


Augusta said...

I'll have to scan in some of the bald photos of me! What a great idea, thanks! I am an ovarian cancer survivor, and was lucky to be working for ChiliTechnology during my treatment so had access to a ChiliPad. Anyone out there who is on Chemotherapy and having trouble with heat or chills - I highly recommend it. It's a simple mattress pad that cools the bed (or heats it). It has a big temperature range and you can set different temperatures for each side of the bed. It was definitely a lifesaver for me, hope this helps someone!

Anonymous said...

Hey Denise,

Sorry this has taken me so long to get to you. Here is the link to my photo. This is a great idea! Thanks for doing it!

Kerry Osborne