Sunday, February 7, 2010


February is starting off with a bang. It actually started last Saturday when I got really sick . It wasn't long till the whole family had it. (within two days) It took like five days till I felt like eating anything and start to regain strength.

Then when we were recovered it began to snow. We got 22 inches this weekend and they are calling for 12 more on top of that till Wednesday. Above is a photo of the kids and the dog in the snow on Saturday. I can't believe I got them all still and looking at me. :)

Norm and I took a walk through the snow today. It was beautiful!

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marykay said...

Hi Denise, I like your new layout. I love the color lavender. That is a such a cute picture of you and your hubby up top. And I like your kids pics in the snow w/coby! Tomorrow is swap day at my daughters school. Parents swap places with their daughter for a i get to do the things she does tomorrow...while she stays home! But it should be fun for me playing high school student again...take care and I am happy to see you well and happy...God Bless...

Karen said...

HI Denise!

I just received your note and yes, please feel free to use my posts in the blogroll. Love your posts, too, and please contact me at any time! Blessings to you, friend!

Karen S. said...

Hi Denise Karen Shanahan here. You can absolutely use my blog. We are all in this together! I hope this finds you well.

Karen S.