Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beautiful November Weather!

Today our pastor gave a definition for remission:  "Letting go as if it has never been committed."  He was talking about forgiveness but it just struck me how it could be applicable in so many different ways.....including cancer.  I often want to just forget I ever had it but it will always be there no matter how much I want to forget it.  I think though that I have reached the point that i feel I can live again without all the debilitating fear that it will return. 

It has been such a busy weekend!
On Friday we went to meet a dear friend in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who had flown in from Seattle for a wedding.  I have never met this lady named Nancyjean in real life until Friday.  We drove many hours to spend a meal at the Olive Garden and then walk around the mall.  We also collaborated with a friend of hers who lives about an hour from us.  He wanted to surprise her so I had to tell her a little lie that i was babysitting an extra child so she would reserve an extra spot at the table.  The look on her face was priceless when she jumped from her chair shrieking his name.  I think the other customers wondered about her.    After we left her we decided to stop at the Flight 93 Crash site which is currently under construction.  We didn't have a lot of time as it was about to close but we were glad we stopped. 
Norm and Tyler braving Pittsburgh in his Eagles sweatshirt

Nancyjean, snapping photos of Tommy

"What?! No Eagles Store? (Tyler)

Norm, Ty, Lexi and I

Norm, Ty, Lexi, Nancyjean and I

Nancyjean and Tommy

At the Flight 93 Memorial

This Saturday was also Nicole's State Band Competition where they walked away with first place!

This weekend also busy with working in flower gardens, loads of laundry, birthday parties, a herd of deer, a pig roast, Christmas shopping ,choir Sunday and a fellowship meal at church................ I'm tired!

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