Friday, November 25, 2011

Norm's surgery

Norm had surgery on Monday to remove part of his large colon.   They also removed his appendix and nicked part of his small intestine. 

He had been having a lot of pain the past two days and it was not going well this morning.  His b/p dropped, heart rate elevated and his blood count also elevated. 

They moved him to the ICU this morning after pumping his stomach and are closely monitoring him trying to decide if he needs more surgery.  His b/p is still low and he has a slight fever.

The staff here has been great as far as seeing to his needs and keeping on top of things.  It's been hard to sleep with him often struggling to breathe plus all the lights and noises of the ICU.  We had hoped to be heading home by now but probably won't be out for awhile yet.

Your prayers are most coveted.  


Mrs. G said...

Praying for a speedy recovery. So sorry that you guys are having to go through this.

WhiteStone said...

Praying that all will be well!