Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back Home Again

We came home on Friday. The above signs and flowers were waiting for me. God had blessed us that the chemo wasn't as bad as the second time. Of course, my friend, Beth, who we tease that she prayed that I would go a week later so that we could get chemo together, keeps teasing us back by taking the credit telling everyone that because of her I had an extra week to prepare for the chemo so it went better. We had a lot of company this time and we spent time visiting with Beth. It got to the point when someone came in to ask which room one of us were in, they automatically got told the other room as well because the nurses knew we were friends. Norm and I also played games..... it got rather intense at times to the amusement of the doctor and my male nurse. The one time when we went out the door, we knocked down the coded numbers on the door and I asked him which one mine was supposed to be (1-4?) He told me I was a "4" because I was such a problem child. I managed to get Norm good the one time as well. He had gotten my things out for a shower and was sitting on the recliner relaxing when I stuck my bald head out the bathroom door and said, "Hey, what about my hairbrush?" Being the ever attentive husband, he immediately jumps up out of the chair to get the brush. Took about five to ten seconds to realize I was pulling his leg. I think hearing me laugh so hard was his first tip-off. He said, "This story is going to appear somewhere, isn't it?"

Please keep my freind, Beth, in prayer. She was to come home today but was having some issues with her chemo so we are not sure if she will or not. She has a long hard road ahead of her.

It seems like there are so many from our church who are getting hit with cancer or disease. Right now it is aproximately a half dozen or more with the possibility of another returning for which we have been praying for. I told Norm it's like the devil cannot stand it that our church is growing so much and will do anything to stop the growth and bring us down. But God has it all under control or He would not have prepared the way. It can be hard to be joyful in what was accomplished in my life when so many more are suffereing and have so much to go through but it's like Norm pointed out last night that I can't minister to others if I let myself get down. I am trusting Him to continue to get us through this.

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marykay said...

Denise, i like coming into your blog because you are such a good and inspirational person. You are blessed my dear and God is caring for you and your family and friends. I'm sorry that so many of your church members are battling cancer. I keep thinking of that story you shared about the area where you grew up and how many of your neighbors had cancer too. I think something in the environment can play a factor too. I love the plants and pictures your children made...beautiful and sweet. Love it. Your story of asking for that hairbrush is got your hubby good! haha...I'm glad you have such a good sense of humor dear. You look good and i see your doggy needs to be in the picture again and brought his toy to you...he's happy to see you dog does that when he see's us, he brings his toy. Have a great weekend dear, happy you are home, and God bless you...