Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mexican Geese

Today, while at lunch at a McDonald's at a nearby town, I ran into my mom's old neighbors. We caught up for awhile. I couldn't believe it when she told me her daughter had three children of her own already. Last I seen her, she only had one. After that we went to visit Norm's dad in the hospital. On the way home Lexi and Tyler got into yet another trivial argument, so, after spotting a Canadian goose, I announced, "Let's see who is the first to spot a Mexican Goose!" Lexi and Tyler immediately start looking and Norm says to me, "So, Hon, what does a Mexican Goose look like?" I answered, "It's a di-version, hon!" Photobucket He kept insisting so I told him the Mexican Goose has a big stripe down it's back. Finally Tyler realizes he's been duped, "Mom, there are no geese in Mexico!" Photobucket Yep, but it got you talking about something else for five full minutes! Photobucket
I went to church today, but was really tired afterward. It was nice to be able to go tho. I robably won't get back for a few weeks again.
Please keep us in prayer tomorrow. They are calling for bad weather and we need to go to my oncologist in the city, take the dog to the kennel, I have a thing with the kids at school early in the AM and we need to get the kids luggage over to my parents who will be caring for them while I'm in the hospital.

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marykay said...

hee hee...thats funny...mexican geese, good diversion... =D