Saturday, February 28, 2009

Can you hear this?

Train Horns Created by Train Horns

What is really weird is that I cannot hear high frquencies but I can hear hurts my ears! I am supposed to have nerve deafness but this I can hear. Nicole and Tyler can hear it too but Norm can't hear it at all so he's feeling a little old right now. LOL!
I remember when I was little and we would go to Sears and there was a similar noise. My one sister and I could hear it and woul be holding our ears in pain and my mom could never hear it and I guess thought we were making it up.
Tyler was pretending earlier to propose to Coby. He said Coby better say yes cause he paid a lot for he ring. I asked how much he paid and he said $100. I'm like "wow!" cause rings generally cost more than that and then he piped up and said, "It was plastic!" I just started laughing. "You paid $100 for a PLASTIC ring?! And you're proposing with a PLASTIC ring?!" That boy has got a lot to learn before he finds his girl!

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marykay said...

I CAN HEAR IT TOO!! wow, i'm in the young category! haha! So I never heard of this type of frequency that can mostly be heard from those under age 25! hmmm....i'm so glad my ears are still young. BUT, it did not hurt my didn't play on long enough to hurt my ears....but I clearly heard it. So since it didnt hurt my ears, maybe my ears are "older" than yours. hahahaah!! funny funny little boy you got there. Love it...yeah, you better teach him about dogs, rings, and girls not being into plastic...haha..!