Thursday, February 19, 2009

Going NUTS with boredom!

Just like my squirrel friends!

It tends to get really boring not being allowed to do anything. I do one or two things from a sitting position but one can do so much.

It's really windy and cold here today. The nurse called today and told me what all food I should be eating. Looks like it's dark green and orange fruit and veggies, skinless chicken or sea food (the latter of which I am not fond of) and beans and nuts, legumes. My mom offered to bring liver..... I gently turned that down........

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marykay said...

Hi dear, its nice to see you have sun there and you know me, I think those squirrels are super cute! We don't have squirrels by my house but rather cows, skunks, and possums in that order. ha ha! oooooo wow, I like sea food ALOT and I like LIVER. hahaa! My husband hated sea food until he married me...and now he loves it. The liver though, it stinks he says. But I like it! =D Oh thanks for the emails, I got them both. You really think removing the Cbox will help? They may still link my site w/out permission though. Hmmm. I'll think about it. It looks like these folks are from INDIA and tyring to make a buck from their website but so unethical that they just go link without getting permission. I'm not out for a popularity contest so I don't care if I don't have many visitors to my blog. Its just for fun anyway...take care I'm off to read your other posts and I see I ma behind.