Monday, February 23, 2009

Continued prayer appreciated

To left, Norm is having a "serious" conversation with Coby about needing to be in his crate while we are having an evening snack of ice cream. I don't think the dog is taking him too seriously.....
The kids had off school today for an inservice. They got along pretty well although when I returned from picking something up from church I had to have a conversation with Tyler about wasting my TracFone minutes by calling me just to tattle.
Tomorrow my nurse comes to change my dressing and take blood. Please pray that my counts will be back up! I want to get this chemo over with!
Also, my father-in-law's diagnosis is a little more complicated then we thought. For one we found out that the CAT scan showed something going on with his stomach. They were getting a specialist to look at that. He also has several bulging disks. I don't see how my mil could take care of him when he comes home. He is a big man and there is no way she could handle him plus she is still working fulltime. Anyway, prayer for all of that would be appreciated.

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marykay said...

haha..that pic of Norm talking w/your doggy's full attention to his face is hilarious. I use to have a dog who did exactly that...I always wondered if she was paying attention or trying to sniff my breath. I love dogs. But now that we have a cat, I discovered I'm more of a cat person. God bless all of you, norm, your father in law. let us know about your blood counts too!