Tuesday, February 10, 2009


But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more. Psalm 71:14
That verse just seemed to speak to me this morning.....about having hope. Sometimes when you are going through a tough time, it's hard to have hope. In fact sometimes I feel like Mulan when, in order to get over the mountain, they had to travel this treacherous pass full of murderers and physical hazards. Once they got through the pass the view of "the city" was simply beautiful but they had to travel the dangerous pass to get there.
My nurse came to change my dressing this morning and everything seemed fine which was a praise.

I've been feeling better today than yesterday and better yesterday than the day before. Once the full moon finally left me get to sleep last night, it was the best sleep I've had so far......in over a week, probably.
Lexi wasn't sure if she felt better this morning. She had been sick over the weekend and I kept her home yesterday although it was mostly her laying and around and nothing happening. She claimed she didn't feel well this morning but I think it was because she had nothing to eat all weekend or yesterday....just a few crackers. Nicole wasn't feeling well either but she hated to miss her school stuff. I told her to to tell a teacher beforehand just getting sick. My social butterfly has too much stuff she didn't want to miss. I hope she is feeling okay. Tyler, who had been sick ast Wednesday, seemed to be recovered and back to his teasing self. Norm wasn't sure if he felt right but feels he had already missed enough of work.
I told Norm I am counting down the days when I can get my spring cleaning done cause the house needs it. Different cupboards need to be gone through and cleaned out. I am hoping to tackle that over Easter weekend. Norm has been doing a good job on general cleaning though.... and laundry.
My mil had her 70th birthday party on Sunday. I couldn't go but Norm took the kids. Nicole couldn't believe how many people Nanny knew. I just laughed at that. I told her with all the people Nanny knew since growing up, went to church with and works with, she is going to have a lot of friends. She brougt her cards last night and Lexi helped her open them. I kept track of who sent what for her. A lot of people donated Bibles in her honor which I thought was a really nice idea. She was glad to have it used that way. I forgot to send the camera along with Norm although, now that I think about it, I thought Nicole grabbed her camera so maybe I will have to check hers out.
This weekend Nicole goes on a winter retreat with her youth group. It sounds like fun. One year the youth group got snowed in there and got home a day or two late. It was a blizzard that year so there was a lot of snow.
Tyler also had snow tubing planned for the following weekend. I'm glad he can get it in before my next chemo. It looks like fun a well. He's going with his church club's class.
Lexi's bummed because she doesn't have any special snow thing planned. I wish I could say snow tubing when she is in fourth grade as well but that is mostly a boy's trip.(at our church for that age group anyway) Maybe we will get some snow yet so she can go sledding. We haven't had much yet.....knock on wood.....

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