Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still recovering

Coby, at right, stares Tyler down...... or rather he stares Tyler's dinner down. "Look into my eyes! Your eyes are getting heavier. You will soon hand over your entire plate to the skinny chocolate Labrador retriever.......who needs the nutrition!"

Extremely tired/achy today. I didn't go to church for fear my counts may be down. As much as I miss the fellowship at church, I thought this would be better. I will probably call the oncologist tomorrow to let him know what's up, get any medical advise, if needed, and discuss my next CBC. It seems like I have to tell them to fax it to my nursing agency that comes out to visit. I am hoping my counts are back up next weekend!
Please keep my friend, Beth, in prayer, who is having a dangerous, difficult biopsy done on her recurrence of lymphoma on Friday. She is only a year older than I and we grew up "next door" to each other. Actually was was about a half block away but we did know each other as kids. Didn't play together a lot because we lived across a very busy street. What is interesting is that nearby was another lady, the one I spoke about from the bank, who also ended up getting ovarian cancer. My mother still wonders if the nuclear accident in '79 has something to do with me getting this. There is a fourth neighbor a block to the north of my mother also struggling with cancer.... and those are the ones we know about. there was a male neighbor as well. I think there was another lady but I'm not sure. Anyway, that is water over the bridge.....or under the bridge. Please pray for Beth. And keep her dh in prayer as this is also hard on those who have to watch their loved ones go through this. Norm can vouch for that!
We just keep getting blessed over and over and over. Every time we turn around someone is blessing us! It's awesome. It's overwhelming. It's touching! It's hard to express the number of emotions it brings out every time someone gives us a blessing. We stopped saying, "No, we don't need it" and have learned to just accept it because that is what God wants. That is the big humility thing he has been teaching us over these past four months. And there are "things" my kids probably would not need but I want them to have something good to look forward to. We'd be able to afford them if I was working and Norm was doing his second job. We are hoping once all this clears that we can pass it forward as well.
I decided to start updating my two writing blogs as well. The one is more of a devotional "Mom 4 God" at the right and "The Mom Corner" is basically about being a wife and mom.

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marykay said...

Denise, I find what you posted about the occurance of cancer in that vicinity where a nuclear accident happened very curious. that seems like its not a coincidence. I truly believe that our environment and what we eat really effects our health. It could be, I mean look at in past wars where chemical warfare was really effected humans and unborn babies. Oh you have 3 active blogs now, hmmm...i'll have to check them out...take care dear...