Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Norm!

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Norm turns the big 4-0 today! For his birthday he wanted to watch a football game so I arranged for the Super Bowl to be on for him today................
Seriously, I asked a guy at the firehouse to post Norm's birthday on the sign out front and I had a card shower for him. He got 54 cards so far!
The kids were up playing and we heard shrieking. They come flying down the stairs, "WE SAW A MOUSE!" Well, they were worried and we mentioned how mice liked messy rooms. Suddenly Nicole was dragging out the vacuum and they were all cleaning their rooms like there was no tomorrow. I told Norm, "Hey, here's an idea! Let's see a mouse up here every week!"
And speaking of my gentleman! We were walking along the street to go and get a pic of Norm next to the sign above. We came to a street with a large puddle of water.
"You know, "I said to Norm, "A real gentleman would take off his coat and lay it down on the puddle for his lady to walk over."
My gentleman had a better idea. He took me up the street where the puddle had considerably narrowed and I could easily step over the water. My hero!
Tomorrow we need to finish packing my and the kids' stuff and get the dog to the kennel. Tyler also has basketball play-offs and Nicole has activities as well. I will probably be ready for the rest in the hospital on Tuesday when my next round of chemo starts.

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marykay said...

Vey nice sign!!! How neat! Card shower? I never heard of that! Sounds fun! Happy birthday to Norm!!!