Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some photos from Nicole's winter retreat, most pics from her friend, Amanda and one from Dustin.
Would like to go through some of Lexi's clothes today. Don't have a whole lot else planned. I am waiting to find ot what my counts are so I know whether I still am going to the hospital next week or not. Also, can't wait until my hair grows back because you get tired of trying to remember to put something on your head before you leave the house........ It's nice having stuff to wear but sometimes you just get tired of having to wear stuff.....and it's only been a few weeks!


Shelly said...

Ack Denise, I feel like such a loser not getting the hat to you by now, I thought my arm/neck would tolerate the knitting, but it doesn't. I am still working at it.

Looks like Nicole had a good time.

marykay said...

yoru daughter had fun, those are great pictures! That tire they are standing next to is HUGE! how fun is that to slide down in? haha. I'm glad she had fun. I thought she went to Florida for some reason. Well your daughter is so active and outgoing I cant keep track..

miss mary said...

hey I love the pics. and the squirrels. Praying you are getting the rest you need. Will continue prayer for you. Hugs. God Bless