Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yet Another Thing

Today Norm had to accompany his mom to take his dad to the hospital. At first they thought he was dehydrated but now they feel it's more serious but aren't sure what it is. They ran cat scans and did other tests. We are hoping to find out tomorrow what is wrong with him. Norm is really feeling overwhelmed. Tonight God made sure to play "While I'm Waiting" on the radio when we were both listening.
I am slowly getting stronger. I am hoping till Tuesday that my counts are back up so maybe I could go to church next Sudnay before the hospital again. I miss going. This week a member of the choir dropped by a CD of songs that various members contributed. Most of the songs are inspirational and a few....silly. I was really touched by the gift.
Please keep Beth in your prayers as she has had a port installed to start chemo for her cancer around her heart. (lymphoma)
Tyler went snowtubing today with his boys' club class. He seemed to really enjoy himself and I was glad he could go out and have some fun.

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