Sunday, February 22, 2009

Update on father in law

Norm called in to the hospital this morning and discovered his dad has gall stones. Continued prayer for Norm appreciated. He is feeling the pressure of caring for his sick wife and now his father on top of it.


miss mary said...

hi . I'm sorry to hear about your father in law. I will be praying for you and your family. Hugs and God Bless

marykay said...

=( Norm has so much worry right now. God Bless him and you and your family...If I take my Cbox out, it doesnt prevent them from linking my blog but I guess you're right, it may help somewhat. Hey thank you for sending me your email address to Merrymsn! I didnt know you have that email address...keep it because I check that one most often on my aol! I see you changed your email address too because I dont remember it being that. You and Norm are an awesome couple and you two will make it thru this high mountain you care climbing. I hope your counts are back up this week my dear and you get stronger and stronger each and every day.