Saturday, April 4, 2009

10 Fun Things To Do When Cancer Makes You Bald

1) Stick your head out the bathroom door and ask your spouse to get you your hairbrush or even a comb so you can get your part straight
2) Go outside on a sunny day and see if the reflection of the sun on your head will start a fire.
3) Get finger paint but instead of using your fingers, use your head.
4) Tell people your mother was abducted by aliens and you're the result
5) Go to the store and buy one dozen bottles of moisturizing shampoo.
6) Paint a beard on your chin and go up to someone on the street and ask, "Deal or No Deal?!"
7) Tell the store clerk in your local paint store you'd like to paint your trim in the bathroom the same shade as your head and ask him if he can help you match it.
8) Paint white dots on your head, walk into McDonalds and, at the top of your lungs, sing, "Two all beef patties, lettuce, sauce, melted cheese......"
9) Next time the carnival comes to town, ask for your own booth and charge $25 for people to rub your head and make a wish.
10) Paint a face on the back of your head to prove to your kids that you really do have eyes on the back of your head.
I had pulled the first part of the first one on Norm in the hospital and the seond part I attempted to pull tonight. It inspired me to think of this list. Gotta keep up your humor. I lost my hair....does that mean I have to lose my sanity too? LOL

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marykay said...

Wow! You made this top 10 list up yourself? YOu totally have such a great sense of humor. I know #1 you did because I remember your story. #6, #7 really crack me up! haha! take care dear .... your blog is really looking the colors you chose... =)