Thursday, April 9, 2009

Maundy Thursday

Tonight Norm was helping at the middle school to set up for our church's Easter service and they were getting later so Ryan decided to order supper. Norm called me to please bring him his med he needs to eat with supper so, being the "compliant" wife that I am (Norm, please stop fake choking) I put the pill inside a snack baggie and head for the school We got out of the van and went to cross the traffic circle when here comes this cop and he stops at the entrance to the traffic circle and studies me hard. That was when it hit me. I am a school employee entering a school building.....holding a baggie with drugs in it! Then he pulled into the traffic circle and parked it. Man, did I enter that school and unloaded that med quickly!
I was hoping to go get the kids some shoes tomorrow but a lady with Ovarian cancer I've been checking up on asked me to come and vacuum her house and clean out her refrigerator in the morning. Hopefully I can get the shopping done later.
Like I said earlier our church is holding Easter service in the middle school to hopefully interest the public. Then we go to in laws for lunch ad will probably be there over supper as well. Have a great Easter!

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marykay said...

Hee hee...that Norm and his fake choking...he knows he's lucky to have you. Plus has he heard of the story about the boy who cried wolf. What if he is really choking and you think he's faking? hee hee. If the police man would have stopped you, your personality is too sweet for him to charge you with anything. Awww, you are so good to go shop for her. I do that once per month at a senior housing center here in town. I take 2-4 of the elderly ladies to the supermarket to get their groceries or errands. They have a shuttle bus they could take but it takes forever for them to get home because the shuttle bus has to make rounds around town and by the time they get back to that market, the ladies have been waiting outside for almost two hours. So whenever I can, I volunteer to take them to the market. Have a happy Easter dear with your family....oh by the way can add my mother in law to your faces of courage..she is courageous.... Sharon T., age 73, California USA, remission from breast cancer for 6 years. She is doing great, still out and about in her clubs and groups, active as can be..!