Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools!

I started my day with an April Fools prank on Facebook.....however my sister called me around lunch time disappointed because I did not call her with my annual April Fools prank. I guess I'm slipping......
We were at the oncologist yesterday. I am not to go back till August. He didn't really do much although I'm not sure what he could have done at this point. Anyway, he cleared me to return to work next Monday and so I will for three hours.
We visited with our friend, Beth in the hospital. The staff couldn't figure out why I would return willingly.
Our friends' daughter, Katelyn, was cleared over the possibility of her leukemia returning of which we are all grateful.
Tonight is Family Night at church clubs. I am hoping Lexi does not have a fever or otherwise I'm not sure what I will do. She's been having a head cold the past week.


miss mary said...

that's good -august is a ways away.I bet you're excited about going back to work. Have a great day.Hugs

marykay said...

Hi Dear, thanks for your note. I have been really busy and stressed over things with school. I wish you always the best and speedy healing. Yay on being cleared to go back to work. Thats positive news. Take it easy though and continue to eat well. Hugs..