Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Quickly Passing

Today I had to take Lexi to the school's summer program since she will need a little more help. I've been feeling a little guilty about it since, because of being ill, I was not able to spend the time with her that she needed.
I've been feeling down a little lately.....not really any one thing but a combination of several. I also thought about talking to my doctor about changing a medication to see if that helps because it started after being on that. I'm just not sure whether to talk to my family doctor or my oncologist who had started me on it to begin with. That would be part of the problem. You just feel like you are in limbo with several things in your life lately.
Yesterday we took Nicole back to camp where she is volunteering for two weeks. She enjoys doing that and would have liked to do more but the Krew got full quickly this year and, even though we signed up early, till then most weeks were full. Next year she will be old enough to be a CIT(Counselor in Training) and is looking forward to that. Lexi goes up to camp on Wednesday and Tyler goes in July.
Before we dropped her off we stopped at an area park for a picnic lunch and a short hike. Below are photos from that.

Nicole and Lexi
Nicole and Tyler

Norm and Kids

Nicole and Lexi

Norm and Kids

Norm and I

Norm and I

3 months after chemo

Norm and I

Nicole, Ty and Lexi

Ty & Lexi
Norm and Kids

The kids and I


marykay said...

Hi Dear, I love the environment there, its so green and peaceful. I'm always longing to move but not quite sure where and when. I think you look absolutely great my dear. I'm happy to see your nice pictures. Also, that pic of your hub and kids on the peir looking at the water is such a nice pic. I don't know if you have tried joining a support group but you may want to consider that. Talk to your Doc about the med. Some meds take 6+ weeks to have therapeutic effects but if you're feeling sick, its better to change the prescription or dosage. Well just to let you know, I have my interim RN licence now. So I could go work as an RN now if I want. I'm not in a rush though to find a job and mostly focused on slowly studying for my State board exam. Then I will be official and only then will I sigh a breath of relief. Oh and Nicole is such a good and loving big sister!

Today's Christian Mom~ said...

Hi! I too love your site! And I love your bravery and you are so wonderful for trying to get the message out on symptoms! What a great heart you have! My prayer went up for you and your family today! And you are right, God is so much bigger than your cancer!

Sally Ferguson said...

Keep up the good work. You are giving your kids stability while you tackle the daily routines. The picnic was a great idea!