Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer vacation

I decided to start a good housekeeping since I missed fall housecleaning last year and spring housecleaning this year. We did my girls' room yesterday and my living room today. I figured next week I will do a few more rooms and hopefully I will be done till the end of the month.
It's been somewhat stressful. I've had a lot on my mind including wondering what the oncologist will do in August, if he will find anything and if I will have to go through chemo again. The thought of that is just depressing. Sometimes it bothers me when I eat so I worry about that and anything else being a sign. Since I basically got ignored the first time by my family doctor, I stress about every little thing whether it is founded or not. The other evening I changed into my pajamas early just to be comfortable and Lexi asked me if I am sick again. That was a bit of a shock. You wonder what goes on in their minds and how much they worry.
My mom is going next week for surgery to remove cysts found inside of her as well. Please pray they are not malignant. The one off her ovary was of slight concern. She has the same surgeon I did and the surgeon assured her that I am an unusual case. Of course that could be taken more than one way. LOL. Her surgery does not sound as intense so far which is a relief.
I've been spending some time in my flower beds as well. For the most part I find it very invigorating even though the chemo has made my muscles more arthritic for getting up and down. I was hoping that is something that would improve as time goes by but so far it hasn't. Getting up and down and in and out of cars has me feeling like an old woman. At work I didn't mind the lifting as much as the reaching down to pick up dishwashing racks or other things from a low position. I also noticed the tingling and numbness in my fingers is worsening. I didn't hardly have any at all at first but now when I have to do fine motor skills, I get very frustrated.
Nicole not only recently got a best supporting actress but a friend sent me photos of her Honors Awards Ceremony as well. She made distinguished honors. I am hoping she gets invited to the National Honor Society....something I never accomplished.

Tyler has had a great season in soccer. His coach told me they were impressed as to how well he has improved as a defender. He is really good in defense but is also pretty good in offense as well. In fact in his last game he scored one of the goals.

Lexi is also a good defender. She has to work on her offense which she does not enjoy playing but she rarely lets a ball past her in defense.

Today we went to a local fire company for a Fun Fest. The kids had fun playing games. Lexi and Tyler both won goldfish. Nicole won a bandana that she planned to use at camp. Lexi won a few other small prizes and Tyler won prizes as well. Lexi also got a ride on a fire engine and also got to go in a cool bounce firehouse/slide.

Lexi and I


marykay said...

Hi Denise, I'm glad you posted. I was worrying about you. I'm sorry you are tired and feel worried. I can understand what you are saying. I am happy to see your children's pics. And its good to see you out and about with them. I thought what you pointed out about your daughters comment on your pajamas was a good point. we dont know what kids are thinking. Bless her little heart. Best wishes to your Mom as well. God bless and take care.

marykay said...

one more thing...congratulations to your daughter winning her acting award and honors award. that is awesome!