Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In the good old summertime....

On Saturday our family went to a local amusement park. It's a smaller park designed more for children than adults which is fine with me. I want to have fun, not have a heart condition. LOL. We had rain for about an hour around 2-3:00 but otherwise had a great time.

Yesterday I returned to my oncologist although I wonder the necessity of it. All he did was listen to my heart and lungs and touched my tummy all of three whole seconds. He is pretty confident he got it all but he did order a CT scan more for my own peace of mind. I am still awaiting the arrangements for that appointment. I am to return to him in four months.

Nicole started band camp yesterday....Two whole weeks of blissful torture......or maybe that should be two whole weeks of blistered torture. LOL! Tyler goes to middle school transition camp in two weeks and I have a inservice for work that week as well. School starts on Monday, August 31 with kids in three different schools this year. My kids will never be in the same building again.

I've been journaling a lot lately which has been helping with the emotional issues. I need to get back to where I was. My oncologist has been adjusting some post-hyst. meds so I am hoping that helps me lose the weight I put back on which I am frustrated with.


Tracey said...

Hey, the fair looked like fun.. does us all good to go out and have a giggle.

Don't ever feel alone in this awful OC world.. you on facebook by chance? if so you can always contact me and we'll have a natter, whether it be worries you have or just a laugh or moan.. don't be alone xx

Daria said...

Hi Denise,

Thanks for stopping by ... I've added myself as a follower and look forward to reading your blog.

If you are interested, please add yourself as a follower to my blog.


Genevieve Thul said...

I enjoyed reading your frank thoughts about negative emotions that plague us regardless of our faith. I struggle with that - that and fear about what will be found next. I appreciated hearing my struggles echoed - it lets me know I'm not alone.

Love in Christ,
Gen Thul

Alli said...

We are not alone. sometimes dark thoughts are all we can deal with at the time..
I added myself to your blog. I hope you come check mine out too.
Alli xx

sherry ♥ lee said...

Nice to connect with another cancer thriver. I love how you sign off...because yes, it's so true..God is bigger than any cancer or any illness or disease. Knowing that and believing it in your heart is the way!

By the way, I LOVE Lancaster county...we used to vacation there a lot when my boys (who are now 21 and 17) were younger. Beautiful country!!!