Friday, August 7, 2009


I am thankful for all of the new cancer survivor friends I have made that have provided encouragement. It's hard to to turn to those at church because most are still going through it and I want to lift them up and not bring them down with my emotions. I have found some of you on Facebook. :)

I went for my CT scan today and that was the easiest IV I have had in a very long time. He used a vein inside my right elbow and it hurt very little and he didn't have to stick me again like they usually do. I'm not sure when I will find out results but I am praying everything is clear.


WhiteStone said...

I'll pray right along with you for good CT results. Bless you.

Tracey said...

I'm glad the scan went ok and the vein was good..My veins used to hide and to be honest they still do when i go for my 6 month check ups..

Don't worry about the results, keep an open mind and have a great weekend xx

marykay said...

Hi Dear! I haven't been able to visit lately or leave notes. I missed reading your blog. I still pray for you dear...everytime you post that you have a worry or an appointment, I say a prayer. It must be so hard to deal with your worries yet be strong for your children. You are wonderful and you will get through this. I know it. I was enjoying your music and you tube video below. You have such a great family and your kids are such good kids. Lexi is just super adorable as ever and I love looking at her cute face. I love your hat Denise! I like the denim and the flower on it. You look so young and cute in it. You look like Nicoles big sister. I'm glad you guys are enjoying life as it comes. Guess what dear....I am officially a Registered Nurse!!! I passed my NCLEX-RN exam earlier this week and I am officially a registered NURSE!! I am breathing such a big sigh of relief and thanking God always for the help he has given me through such a tough program. We are now on Maui, Hawaii vacationing for a week and a half. I will have more time now to blog and post pictures. Thank you for visiting my quiet blog and for thinking of me. You are wonderful..