Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer continuing.........

Monday was my last day with physical therapy. I tried returning to the gym on Tuesday avoiding two pieces of equipment and taking it easy but I could tell i was still healing and was not used to exercising. I'm trying to do my stretching exercises at least every other day so I'm completely healed by the end of August when my job starts again.

Nicole's youth group had a good trip to Kentucky. The team helped a single mom restore her trailer to a livable condition.

Our church has VBS this week. I was running the Pro Presenter Slides for the band. I learned a lot about adding new songs to the play-list. Usually that is already done for me on a Sunday morning.

I've been trying to work on raising awareness for Ovarian cancer in our town. I am trying to get a Turn the Town Teal movement going for September during Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. I have to get approval from the town council yet.

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