Saturday, July 25, 2009

As July is coming to a close....

Below: Tyler and Coby

I can't believe July is soon going to be a part of history. With kids going to camp, Vacation Bible Schools, pool parties, weekend trips, medical appointments and so on and so forth, I feel like a valet instead of a mom enjoying summer vacation. I have about two thirds of the house summer cleaned and hope to work on some this week. We plan on going to a local amusement park on Friday if the weather is good.
August begins with a check-up at the oncologist. I don't know what he plans to do. I don't think he does either. We had discussed a possible ct scan. As much as I am not looking forward to still more needles, I think it would help my peace of mind....especially since I haven't been feeling well although I think it's viral. I have a few things I want to discuss with him and I guess I should start writing my questions down awhile. Cancer just has me going so many places I never imagined I would have to go to and it can get one down thinking about it. I've been trying to give it to God to carry for me but it can be hard to do that sometimes. Personal journaling has been helping my anxiety/depression and that's a good thing. I am looking forward to returning to work and getting my mind off my problems for four hours a day. I'm sure my evenings will be busy with soccer and band practices.


guineapigmum said...

Soccer and band practice - that sounds just like my evenings! You look great in your photos; I hope your check up goes well.

Good wishes from a fellow ovarian cancer survivor

Tracey said...

Hi There.
I've just found your blog and thought i'd stop and introduce myself.

I'm a recovering Ovarian Cancer lady too.. oh and i had Cervical Cancer too as i was greedy!
Hope alls going well with you. please feel free to have a look/follow my blogs... one is everyday things, usually me been stupid! the other is my family tree.

Anyway, enough of me waffling..
hang in there girlie, and its great to meet you
Tracey xx

marykay said...

Denise, Tyler looks so handsome in this picture. I love the way he looks with his glasses. Very good looking little boy. take care my dear