Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mid-summer Meanderings

The past couple of days have been better. Felt it a little this morning but I put on some praise music...... Mary Mary always cheers me up.
Lexi has been going to a local VBS this week while Tyler is at camp. Next week we may send them to the VBS at my sister's church. They usually like that one. Nicole has been busy with Youth Worship team, her high school band and sportstacking. They recently went to a local nursing home to perform for the residents.
Norm and I had been taking a two mile walk in the evenings. We both need the exercise and it's a nice way to spend time together. Tonight, however, Norm got a fire call so I decided to take Coby. He wasn't used to going two miles so he was actually tired out till we got home. I let him wade in the creek a little first which he loved. When we got home, instead of flying around like a mad dog, he flopped on the floor, but he had a happy contented smile on his face.
Most of our summer has been absolutely beautiful but tomorrow they are calling for the humidity to kick back in so I went around tonight shutting windows and turning on the A/C's.

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