Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day at Hershey PA

Lexi pretending to nap on the way to Hershey......

Hmmmm.....but is she REALLY sleeping?

We got up to Hershey Chocolate World after maneuvering aound the Hershey Complex parking lots. They claimed the regular lot was full so we ended up parking in Arkansas....well, it felt like that far away anyway! We had to walk awhile to catch a tram which took us there. We got to the building to get in this long line that didn't seem to be moving. They suddenly moved everyone into a que line. We thought it was really weird. We had always been able to walk right in and get right on the ride and suddenly we were in a long line that didn't seem to move. That was when we discovered that the ride was broken down. We stood in line for awhile and the kids were really thirsty and then we heard it could be a half hour to hour wait so we decided to get out of line, find a water fountain and look around for awhile. Found this large Hershey Bar and took a pic before putting it back. It was a dentist's dream! (or worst nightmare....LOL)

Finally we made our way back and discovered the ride was fixed so we got back into line and soon were on the ride.

Outside of the Giant Center where we had to park.

Well, we found our way out of the parking complex...... legally? I really don't know but we got out......
Headed for Zoo America after a quick turn (so quick the turn Nicole may have whiplash :D) into a Turkey Hill for batteries and water. Arrived at the zoo for our tour.

These pics didn't get great but Mama Bobcat had kittens and they were sooooo cute! We were pondering what would happen if we took one home with us, turned it loose outside and dared the neighbor to try and trap that! (like he threatened to do to our cat that we gave to a friend to protect her!)

Unusual but intelligent looking creatures..... LOL

There were wolves and bear but I could get nowhere near the bear to get pics and the wolves pics didn't tun out..... it was also too far away.

Later at home, Tyler and I had a foot war...... I can't believe how strong he is!

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marikay said...

WOW! Hershey Park! Gosh, I loved that place. You guys are so lucky to be able to go. I remember all those things you shared. Also, we went to Zoo america too. You guys look like you had a great time. I loved the pics you posted esp of you and Norm. "unusual but intelligent looking creatures" hahahaha!! You are just too funny Denise. You both look so cute together seriously. I'm happy you all had a nice time there. I loved that pick of your 3 kids together, its a nice pic, you should put that in a frame. Also, thats a nice pic you got of you and Ty doing footwar. Those are really special and fun memories for your son...take care dear...!