Saturday, August 16, 2008

Getting ready for the school year

It's just been really busy getting ready for school. Nicole just got done with two weeks of band camp. They had a preview show without uniforms last night.


On Wendesday they have another performance and on Thursday Nicole has freshman orientation at the high school. Next week school starts.

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marikay said...

Band camp? That sounds nice for kids. We dont have anything like that here. Oh, but I guess thats highschool. Aly is still in junior high so maybe next year. I know your daughter marches in parades too and does baton. Those are really nice talents. Nicole, is she liking boys yet? I'm noticing that Aly, who just turned 13, is noticing boys. It makes me nervous. And how about Nicoles personality? I notice Aly is getting a mind of her own. Its like an overnight change. I guess its hormones since she just got her period. Oh my gosh Denise....I pray I am a good mother through these "teen" years.