Sunday, August 24, 2008

School Stats tomorrow!

My oldest is starting high school tomorrow and my youngest is starting kindergarten. Ty will be in fourth grade.

Whenever Nicole is is the kitchen, things get a little messy.

Sprit Day recently at our high school. It involved all the sports teams and marching band.


Our local fire company had their Open House yesterday. We worked really hard to prepare for it. We planned for 100 kids, figured we'd only get fifty and got waaaaay more than that...... we ran out of crafts after two hours. We had to make two runs for food in addition to the food we already had bought. For the first three hours, it was wild! There was so much going on, we didn't even think about how exhausted we were. The first three pics were from the fire company website. We had story time with a firefighter and a local clown also gave presentations on fire safety.

Aeriel Lift rides...... very popular!

Sparky the Dlamatian teasing my son, Tyler

Kids having fun with Pluggie.

My daughter, Nicole, resting outside fire safety house.

Nicole's friend, Nia, also helped with the fire safety house.

Smoking up the fre safetyhouse to train people to get out of a smoky building.

Norm and Tyler

Pin the badge on the dalmatian.....

incidently this is actually a blow up pic of the dal we usd to have.


My mil brought Lexi to the Open House for a little bit.


Marykay said...

Hi Denise! Nicole is very pretty! Congrats to her highschool (eeek!) and Kinder for Lexi! Those are major grades. My Grace started 7th grade and Aly 8th grade last thursday. Good wishes to you and I for another busy school year with our kids!! You guys do so much for the community. I like that simulated house fire to teach people how to escape. Thats neat. The areiel lift rides look fun. We have had fireengines at some functions here but they NEVER do that for us. No fair! hee hee. Wow, that was really your dalmation? I use to have a dalmation too when I was young named Sammy. Wow are those Amish boys that came to the open house? My kids had such a blast looking at them when we were out there. I like the clothes they wear. hee. Oh I just read your email about the boy being adopted by the Philadelphia Eagles because they wont adopt him? Is that a true story or is it a joke? (sorry I dont know too much about football but Im thinking its a joke). ha ha!! Well in anycase, thanks for putting me on your email list... said...

I love all the pictures! The flour on the dog particularly hit home because my poor dogs look like that all the time!

I can still remember the fire station tour I got when I was a kid. It was wonderful and I just knew that I not only wanted a Dalmation but one of those nifty hats. For the record: I have neither.


I'm so glad you found me!!!