Thursday, August 7, 2008




Nicole has been getting headaches whenever she pulled her hair back into a ponytail so she asked if it could b cut. You can see where she forgot to put suntan lotion on the first day of bandcamp. Really hurts her!
Norm had two teeth removed yesterday. It was interesting what he said coming out of anesthesia. Both he and I were surprised at the stuff that came from his mouth and some of the stuff he did. And he has no memory saying/doing any of it.
My two youngest have been going to a VBS at a local church and tomorrow night is Family Night with food, a concert, magic and I heard a movie. First I have to get some medical tests done and then pick up some corn at mil's.

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MaryKay said...

Yay, you have a comment box now!! this I can figur out. ha ha! I like Nicoles haircut, it really suits her! she has such a pretty face, both your daughters do! I'm glad Norms dental procedure went well. Anesthesia really pulled a doozy on him huh? Gee, I hope he didnt say anything that will embarrass him forever. ha ha!! Well I hope your medical tests come out OK my dear...and have fun picking Corn! How lucky you are!!! I want to pick corn too...but I have to buy it at the grocery's OR once in a while when I make it to the farmers market...I can get them 5 for a dollar...but sometimes...theres worms!! So lately we eat frozen corn but my kids like the sweet white corn that I get frozen in kernels. haha! take care and I will be back! I am studying all weekend long trying not to fall asleep....