Sunday, September 21, 2008

Boy, Am I glad THIS week is OVER!

I am hoping everything slows down now. It's just been crazy! Between working, getting kids to sports and activities and our church's Lasies Conference I am now ready for a vacation!
I had to laugh at my daughter's soccer team today. It was the beginning of the fourth quarter and the team SO DIDN"T WANT TO PLAY! Really hot! So their coach, trying to fire them up starts cheering, "Do yu wanna go home or play another quarter?!" The whole team yells, "GO HOME!" We just sat there and laughed at them.
Tomorrow I go back to work sure is weird being a working mom!

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MaryKay said...

You do sound busy! My girls are in volleyball this season and their coach is MEAN! He pushes them during practice and yells. He has 2 young daughters of his own (younger than mine) and so he probably is a nice guy but when I listen to him, he sounds so rough with the kids. I dont say anything though since it doesnt bother my kids. I've asked them. Anyway, I worked for many years when my kids were younger. I would work 40+ hours per week. But then again, I was younger and had more energy and was tryint to climb the corporate ladder. You are lucky that you got to stay home to care for your kids. I did that the last several years but when my girls were younger, I WANTED to work since I had just finished college. Anyway, there are millions of working moms out can be done!! Plus you have already imbedded in your kids your expectations of them being good and kind to others etc so they know what you expect even if you spend a few hours working outside of the home. anyway, have a good day Denise...I'm just droppping by. Yesterday was my FIRST day in PEDIATRIC unit!! Sooo darn cute those kids are. I had a little 10 mth old in for urinary tract infection and fever. Pretty easy one. Today, I have to go to Pediatric Oncology unit!! Children are so precious...I love them!