Friday, September 5, 2008

My own soap opera

This will be a non-photo entry today. I decided to fill you in what's been going on in my life rather than fill with photos.

First off, MariK, did you see that girl from the Philipines(please forgive me if I mispselled that) on Oprah? She sings really good!
We had been having medical issues with Norm over the summer but that is finally all working out. He's on meds for his b/p which is great since I have been trying to get him to the dr for that for awhile.
My grandfather fell recently and ended up in the trauma center. He ended up with brain surgery to drain the pool of blood on his brain. He is now in rehab and soon going home.
My oldest, Nicole, started having issues with blacking out the second day of school in phys ed. Now she can't take phys ed until the cardiologist sees her which won't be till September 30. This caused huge issues with color guard but the doctor worked out something that will probably be okay with everyone. She may take it, but no flags...only marching..... and she's to stay well hydrated. I am hoping the cardiologist clears her. It has been a very stressful two weeks because of that.
I put up prayer requests in the right side bar. There are a few children in our district struggling with some form of cancer.
Our dog does not take well to the kids being in school. Trying to solve those issues as well.
Hurricane is due to hit tomorrow although we won't have it as bad as some of my other net frinds. Keep Donna, Joy and Ruth in your prayers for that as they will get it worse.


marykay said...

Hi Denise! When I come into your blog, I always read the latest first and then go down...hee I didnt see this post first! No I didn't see that particular show...but I think I may know because there are 2 young girls right now from the philippines that are getting TV time in the USA. I'm happy to hear that Norm is taking his Meds. He needs to. High Blood Pressure does damage to your arteries over time and puts a stain on other organs. Like I said, my hubby takes BP meds too. I wish he could lose weight because I know that would help him a lot. *sigh* but its hard to lose weight. Surprisingly, even though I'm heavier than I should be, I dont have high BP. But people have different physiologies. Both our husbands are young and I hope they can both lose weight and get more excercise. I'm sorry your grandpa fell! Is he on any heart medications? I have seen a lot of our elderly population falling because the beta blockers (heart meds) they take make them dizzy. I hope he heals soon. Thats a long time to wait for an appt...Sept 30th...esp when Nicole is so active in school and her color gaurd. I hope everything goes back to normal for her soon. Grace had a similar situation, for the last week and half, she hasnt played volleyball because she hurt her knee/muscle. She can't run without pain and so cant play on the team. She went to the doctor the other day and they took Xrays. Then we are waiting for a referral to sports medicine. I hope she is okay and just pulled a muscle maybe because she is only 11. She too is very upset that she missed practices and so can't play on their first game tomorrow. Hurricane? Oh my. I hadn't watched the news so didnt know one was coming your way. How was it? Was your backyard flooded again? Stay warm, safe, and dry. God's blessings to you all...

Shelli said...

I hope the cardiologist gets an opening so she can be in sooner, otherwise she'll miss most of the season. I'm praying that everything will be fine.