Monday, September 1, 2008

More birthday photos

Norm brought home some watermelon for picnic on Sunday. Coby found a dropped piece and then wanted more.

At a local park

Went home for some Birthday cake

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marykay said...

Lexi is the cutest little girl, seriously, her smiles are just so lovely. And the look on her face blowing the cake candles is so cute. Denise, you make me laugh with your censored pic. Oh my oh my...i thought this was a family blog! hee hee. I love that pic of your kids on the bench and on the see saw. fun memories. I also love the pics of you and Norm...and wow, a doggy that loves watermelon rinds? I think our dog may like that too actually...he eats anything...I'll have to see one day....Have a great week my dear!