Tuesday, September 23, 2008


That is how old my son is today!
It didn't hit me until I looked at his pics while editing them.
Boy, he is getting so tall.......and old! :'(



Shelli said...

You are a busy lady! Tyler is adorable.

MariKay said...

Awwww, his pictures look so cute. He is such a good looking little boy! I love his facial expressions. Wow, he's 10 now. I know what you mean...they do get tall! Aly is nearing my height now, I'm 5'2". Anyway, I like how you decorated his cake...totally for little boys...oh..I noticed your doggy with his squeeky toy as Tyler opened his gifts. Too cute! Happy Birthday to Tyler & thanks for sharing his special day...he is a two-digit age now!! *sigh* they grow so fast...