Thursday, January 15, 2009

Achin' and painin'

You can tell a change is taking place. We had been noticing the change in my's been a lot drier lately and tangly. I even extra conditioned it and it didn't help so that is why I did the chop-chop. I didn't want to see all that hair fall out. BTW, thanks to Pam for cutting my and Norm's hair. Great job! Probably not a smart move for me to get it done before the plummet in temps though. It's been a bit cold! Duh moment, I'm sure!
All the places where they tried getting an IV are now sore to me. I thought at first it was my imagination and then started finding black and blue marks which they said would happen, but if you see them, you have my permission to jive Norm about abusing his poor wife stricken with cancer. Photobucket Lay it on thick! Photobucket Been feeling more tired and struggling with the dehydration thing. Also got to watch if I stand up after leaning down. Wow! What a rush! And not a pleasant one! I was trying to look at something on a lower shelf today and went to stand up and WHOA! Room spinning!

Well, tomorow my teenage daughter becomes the smart one of the family and heads to Florida in the midst of this deep freeze. They are expecting wind chills well below ZERO......and I mean waaay well! Wish I was going too! You can't hardly breathe and the chill gives us headahes. I got them being out and so did Tyler complain of it.

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marykay said...

Have a good day Denise! Just wear one of those beanies, I wear them when its cold....take care and hope your daughter has a good trip! Dont sit up or stand too fast...take it easy dear..