Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can somebody get me a curry comb?

My hair is starting to fall out. Not that I didn't expect to but I was hoping that was one side efffect that wouldn't happen. It drives me crazy so I pick at my hair which drives Norm crazy. He offered to shave it completely off for me. I guess I'm reluctant to let it go......but ti's only har. I told my sister I will soon be sporitng the Howie Mandell look and, well, he sports it so well, how hard can it be? LOL. I told Norm it just makes the cancer more real.
Nicole is supposed to come home today. Lexi will be so happy to see her big sister..... I just hope they get in before I have to put Lexi to bed. I think Tyler misses her too.
This morning we had to run to the social security office for something and then we stopped at a Christian bookstore so I could get library supplies. I did not realize until I was walking through the store that there was anew Karen Kingsbury book out. I also found some DVD's I thought they may be able to use for Sunday School classes. I didn't buy many books as I alread have a lot to go through and get into the library.....may take a couple of days.


marykay said...

You have a good atitude about your hair. I agree, its its temporary!!! It will grow back once your chemo is done & then you'll have your curly hair again! =D You have very cute face so I think you'll be sporting it even better than Howie! ha ha! I'm glad you got errands done today. You've been mentioning Kingsbury before and its been on my to-do to one day read a book by her. I think once I'm done w/my program, I can read more leisurely books. Right now, its just my nursing books and some blogs I frequent (like yours) haha! I'm always on the computer because I have a ton of papers to write and research to do so my breaks include blog hopping! hee hee. I use to co-teach/volunteer at CCD (catholic education) on Saturdays for a few years. I taught 3rd-5th graders. I loved it! I want to do that again one day too and get my daughters teaching too. Anyway dear, hope you have a good rest of the day...take it easy and enjoy reading your books! =D

Shelly said...

Got some caps on the way to you Denise .... or they will be in the next couple of days.

Did you see your doctor today??