Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally home

It wet okay for the most part. Had difficulty with the IV lines. I am a very hard stick and the chemo was not easy on my body. They kept having to stick, stick, remove that one and stick me again and again. This went on every day. Not a pleasant experience! Yesterday my cancer doctor eve tried sticking me for an IV.....he gave up and ordered me a PIC line which I still have in and is supposed to be here through my other cancer chemo treatments. If you know how squeamish I am about needles and invasive procedures, you will know it was not fun. When they came to do it, I told them I want to know as little about what they are doing as possible because I knew my stomach/nerves could not handle it.
On Wednesday I had a reaction to one of my chemo meds. It was set up to go in quickly. I started feeling really warm in my stomach which traveled up to my head and made me really woozy and I started feeling like I would pass out. They called the doctor who ordered a slower drip. I'm not sure how they will handle it next time. It was funny how the male nurse in charge of me reacted. I must have gotten really flushed and so the next few nights whenever I rang the bell he huffed it into my room looking worried and asked if I was flushed or feeling okay. Most times it was for the cantankerous IV pump which was going off constantly which is partially why I needed so many new IV lines. In fact on Friday when they took out my last IV, the needle was bent.
Now I will be having ladies come in to teach us how to flush my PIC line. I am hoping Norm has the stomach for that because I don't know if I do. He told me today that when he promised 18 years ago in sickness and health that he was getting in for any of this. I guess no one does. Cancer is not planned. It just happens. And just because there is none in your family does not make you less likely to get it. In fact it's almost worst because it just takes you by surprise.
So I am at home, a little nauseous and very tired and a little worn for the wear however my dear beloved husband told me I am a trooper. I was told I could go to church tomorrow.... that my counts will probably not affect me for a week yet. I may try depending on how I feel and the current weather conditions. Right now it is snowing.


Anonymous said...

well, thank the Lord! an update finally. I've been wondering, and waiting, and praying. and praying! Sounds like quite an experience. will continue praying for you. and um, do u have a cell phone. u can text me updates ya know! LOL

marykay said...

Dear Denise, I'm glad you are home and things went well (except for the IV insertions). Take it easy and rest. God bless ...