Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A little stressed

Tonight I was experiencing some similar symptoms to when I was first diagnosed so I am freaking out a little. I plan to call the doctor about it tomorrow. He is going to get tired of me but after last week he had better have learned to take my concerns seriously.
We had planned on looking up the social security office tomorrow and stopping by a Christian book store if it is open. I heard rumors it's not.
We tried going into the city today and ended up turning around due to bad ice. I cannot see why the state cannot take better care of the one main road. We went around the one major hill to get to where Norm needed bloodwork done but even on the straight away we were sliding. I was the one who had wanted to go to begin with and so i told Norm let's just go home. As it was it took 4 times longer to get back to hometown than it should have.
This afternoon after running back to school for Ty's glasses, I had my mil's sister stop by to visit. She was helping me with a project I am doing for MIL's 70th birthday on the 8th. I hope to finish it this week since next week is out.
Everyone is talking about Barack Obama. Some people who voted against him are worried. I prefer to just sit back and wait to see what he does. maybe he won't be so bad and I want to give him the benefit of a doubt. It does not hurt to pray for him.....not because he got control of the country and it's gonna "fall apart" but because is in charge and he will need heavenly wisdom. We don't know if he is a Christian but he does go to church so I am hoping he will search for God's wisdom and that is something to pray about. Pretty near every president had made some kind of mistake so I think Mr Obama should get that same chance.

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marykay said...

Oh gosh Denise, I have a lot to say about Obama regarding the way he got into office; his ethics; his lack of experience;his background,etc. but theres no room here. I agree that every president is human;no one is perfect; but I didnt like the emotion that was behind the election of Obama. I think it was more evident in CA where we have African Americans (AA)as the 2nd most populous minority (behind Mexicans)In all the years I voted; I have never seen so many AA dragging their legal-aged kids to vote; years past, I even worked at the poll booths & never saw as many AA's. I admit to be bothered that he is Muslim; that he previously did not salute the US flag; or put his hand on the bible; (although I was surprised he did that today) I am even bothered that we can't see his citizenship. We didnt have perfect candidates for the presidency but I would have picked McCain anyday. He made a big mistake picking Palin as his running mate though. I sound like a mean person, but I'm not. I'm not wishing that Obama fail because he is head of our country and I love our county. But so be it..the people voted, emotionally or not. Well, as for the ice, I can't imagine driving in icy streets. that would be scary. Here it was about 62 degrees w/sun out all day. Hey, I'm glad you called your doctor, dont be concerned that he will get "tired of you" calling; after all, he took the Hippocratic Oath..take care dear & God Bless