Monday, January 26, 2009

Praying for my counts to rise.

We had won a gift card to a local outlet so I am hoping my counts will rise till this weekend so we can go down. Lexi needs pants really bad, preferably jeans. My sister had gotten her two pair but I had to throw some out. I had gotten them used to begin with but she wears holes in her pants. She's my little tomboy. Her and Ty are picky about their jeans....not the type but the enclosures on them. They don't like buttons.....just snaps. Some stores only sell them with buttons so they can be hard to find. I also hope to get her some black Sunday shoes.
I've just been jammin' with "Shackles" by Mary Mary. If you ever want to hear a pumped up praise song, listen to that. It always raises my spirits.
This morning we had Norm to his stomach doctor. He has to do another scope down his stomach in March. They said he had a pretty bad bleed. He has to make some dietary modifications...... mostly avoiding greasy stuff and stuff that causes acid like citrus fruits. He's to stop decaffeinated products.....or at least cut way back on them. They said he did have a large ulcer in his esophagus as well as A.R. They also advised some weight loss. There are also some pain meds he can no longer have due them irritating his esophagus. It's not drastic changes to which we are grateful. They warned him to stay away from spicy foods which he generally already does.
I, meanwhile, try to get some rest in hopes that my blood counts return to normal.
My sister stopped by yesterday with a used sewing machine. I've been wanting one for awhile. this was an extra one she had gotten from a client. Se also gave my wig a haircut as it was completely unmanageable.


Shelly said...

Praying that your levels rise Denise .... its hard when they are down to have to steer clear of everyone else, and I know you would love to go shopping !!!
Praying for Norm too. I had forgotten that he had the GI Bleed. Definitely he wants to avoid the caffeine and the citrus/spicy foods. Did they start him on any medications to control the acid?? Small frequent meals, instead of three large ones, will help control the acid reflux too.

Working on a cap or two .... had hoped to get them in the mail this week but my neck prevents me from doing too much knitting at a time.

marykay said...

I pray things go back to normal soon for your family. Take care and God bless...